Make Your Own Probiotic-Rich Sodas and Juices Without All The Sugar

What Is Water Kefir?

Learn How To Save Money Enjoying Nature's Tasty, Lactose-Free Probiotic.

Saves Time & Money

A Probiotic Powerhouse

Reduces Fruit Juice Sugars

The Video Below Shows How

How It Improves Health

Probiotics come from these natural crystals as they reduce sugar levels

Why Kids Love The Taste

They enjoy the taste of soda without the sugar or any artificial sweeteners

How You Save Money

Buy the grains once and make healthy probiotic soda drinks at home forever

Water Kefir is a non-dairy probiotic used for hundreds of years. Fruit juices are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals and enzmes that improve health,

but most are loaded with as much sugar as sodas. The water-kefir takes that sugar and turns it into probiotics while adding natural carbonation.

You now have a delicious, naturally-carbonated juice that tastes like a delicious soda full of powerful, healthy probiotics without all the harmful sugars.

After a day or two, you will see the juice begin fermenting and you can dial in the amount of sweetness you like in your drinks. This is great because you can

help wean kids off craving sweetness by starting with short fermentation and gradually going a day or two longer as they get used to it being less sweet.

They Last A long Time And Only Costs $16.95 With Free Shipping

1/4 Cup Of Ready To Use Organic Crystals Shipped Free To Your Door With Both Video and Written Instructions

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